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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

APJ rocks FB as ignited 'Like This' people go into a frenzy

Dr Kalam during his early days as a rocket engineer in Thumba. Photo: APJ@FB
By Anantha Krishna M
Express News Service

Bangalore: The 'K-missile' hits the target! As expected, former President A P J Abdul Kalam is likely to overtake some of India's biggest inspiration icons on Facebook, soon. Barely a day after he hit the FB, thousands of his 'devotees' across the world are thronging the 'original Kalam' fan page (www.facebook.com/OfficialKalam), with many profusely thanking him for embracing them on the web.
With just over 1000 followers during its silent trial run period, today the 'Like This' community is breaking all records by the minute, after the official announcement. His office says that the new-kid-on-the-block is enjoying every bit of FB, checking the comments randomly and giving strict instructions to police the page constantly. Interestingly, the latest post which is being 'commented, shared and liked' by the FB clan is an Express report – APJ Gets FBied.
So far, he has 10 posts including a photograph dating back to the Sepian era, when he was a rocket engineer. “Assembling one of the earliest test rockets of ISRO at Thumba, some four-and-a-half-decades-ago. We did not have computers, not even proper calculators. Everything was on slide rule calculations, and surprisingly accurate it was,” says Kalam.
From topics ranging from stinking bus-stands, poverty, agriculture, power-cuts, corruption, missiles, jets to Chennai's Koovam river being posted and commented by the 'Like This' people, the mission-man is said to be watching and enjoying his baby steps on FB. “We want to keep the FB page in one uniform language (read as English), so that everyone gets to read, understand and give appropriate comments. He (Kalam) is keen that only constructive debates happen on the site,” a close aide said.
Back-channel efforts are on to bring all 'Other Kalam' communities under one roof so that the visitors don't get deviated from the 'Real One.'
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