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Sunday, February 26, 2012

At 80, Kalam says he's in love

By Anantha Krishnan M
Express News Service
Bangalore: APJ is in love! Deep love! This could be one piece of news that might hit you on a Sunday morning in surprise. It's confirmed. There's proof. And, he has admitted it. He even posted a video with his 'love' on his FB page. He penned a poem dipped in passion. The Missile Man is bit by the love bug at 80.
It was on Valentine's Day – a committed Kalam made up his mind and leaked the news to the world. He first posted a photo on FB, standing next to his apple of eye. He was calm. Cool and had some looks of a man in 'love.' Those following him world-over were thrilled, even prompting this Correspondent to quiz him: “Dr Kalam, what's going on through your mind.” No reply came. Nor any 'Like This' message.
But he sprang a surprise by penning a poem two weeks later. This time he chose to go the digital way. When Express sought the lyrics of the poem, Kalam responded at lightning speed. And, some of the lines randomly read: “With a music of honey bee intoxicated; A surprise and a miracle; At no time experienced disappointed; Your soul wants us to blossom; Oh Kalam!”
Sources close to him say that his love really blossomed while he was the First Citizen of India. Wanting anonymity, they said that the former President was seen 'dating' at Mughal Garden, not once, many times. “What mattered to the missile man was the fragrance and charm that reflected the inner beauty and definitely not the external looks. He was very thrilled every time he was at the Mughal Garden,” a close aide of his said.
So what's making him open his heart now? To let the world know what is in his mind. To pen a poem that goes on to read: Smile and always spontaneously smile; Touched my face and body, fully rejuvenated; Make the world smile.
On his FB page (www.facebook.com/OfficialKalam), the 'Like This' fan numbers have crossed the 2-lakh mark on Saturday, probably due to his revelations about his latest 'love' and the life, thereafter. 
There's nothing wrong to fall in love at 80. After all, roses are harmless. Only, keep away from the thorns!
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