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Monday, June 3, 2013

Tracking Tejas | A fighter stuck in muck!

It's raining in Bangalore during evenings these days and virtually every low-lying area is being inundated. Behind the Monsoon madness, there's another storm brewing within the hangars of India's Tejas programme -- which the blogger is keenly observing for some time. With the new DRDO chief promising quick action to put the project back on track (trust me, it’s not going to be easy), it’s fair to give him some time and see what’s in the offing.

Meantime, the blogger will soon have a story as to who is playing the dirty game, further sinking an already-late national fighter jet programme. Can you guess who the villain is? One or many? Also India’s defence minister St Antony should stop playing to the gallery by saying ‘perform or perish’ to catch the headlines. He has been saying this for the last one year, now!

It’s becoming a Late Complicated Aircraft and maybe we should launch a national campaign to save Tejas from the current mess. What you say?

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