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Thursday, October 16, 2014



Here's an exclusive video footage of last year's maiden launch of Nirbhay, India’s first subsonic cruise missile, which had to be terminated after 20-minutes into its mission. Nirbhay had travelled almost 250 km towards the target after the launch, but a technical snag dented its designated flight path. Capabilities like the lift-off from the canister, the booster separation, ignition of cruise vehicle engine at high altitude, wing deployment, control guidance and way-point navigation were proven during the launch. 
The video is of 2:37 minutes and till 1 minute the launch frames have been captured by various ground-based cameras. The remaining part has been shot from a Sukhoi (Su-30 MKI), which flew parallel to the missile.
As DRDO scientists gear up for the next launch (on October 17, 2014) of Nirbhay -- India's first 'Made-in-Bangalore Missile' -- this video sourced after 'lots of effort' should inspire many, considering some of the first-time technologies our scientists could prove. This footage was first shown to a select audience during DefExpo in Delhi this year.
Gratitude to sources, who have time and again reposed faith in Tarmak007. This video will be truly a treat to all the devotees of India's aerospace and defence might.
Best wishes to Team DRDO for Nirbhay's second launch!


Inspiration from an aborted flight: http://bit.ly/1C3n5DX
Agni-II Prime failed, but nobody died! http://bit.ly/1ocAWjd

For regular updates, visit: https://www.facebook.com/Tarmak007