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Saturday, February 28, 2015

MI2Watch: Tippu’s land gives birth to missile self destruction device

 By Dr Anantha Krishnan M
Photos: A Veeramani
Bengaluru, Feb 27: A desi missile safe destruction programme developed by Mysuru-based MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise) Kaynes Technology is currently under evaluation. 
Christened ESAFS (Electronic Safe Arm and Fire System), the devise helps the self destruction of a missile, during its testing and actual operational phases. Missile(s) that veer off from its intended trajectory can be brought down immediately with the help of ESAFS. The company is in the field of defence for the last eight years.
ESAFS is now under evaluation at DRDO’s Research Centre Imarat (RCI) laboratory in Hyderabad. RCI is one of the leading labs under DRDO’s Missile Complex.
In an exclusive interview to OneIndia (during the just-concluded Aero India 2015), Lt Col Sharath Bhat (Retd), Senior Vice President, Business Development, Kaynes Technology, said that ESAFS, is a real-time, dual-redundant and fault-tolerant on-board devise.
ESAFS can pick up signals that are unauthorised or unrecognised in nature. It consists of two identical controller cards and one power supply card for distributing power supply requirements of both controller cards.
* Shock compliant system
* Most-preferred supplier to BEL
* 30 per cent of products exported
* Bluetooth bulb sheds light

[Make in India Watch [#MI2Watch] is a series on OneIndia focusing on the aerospace and defence might of India's private and domestic industries. It will also aim at capturing the voices of leaders spearheading various projects.]

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