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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

#PlaneCarnival: Team ATC keeps a hawk-eye vigil on flying displays

OneIndiaDefence Desk
It’s curtains for the 10th edition of Aero India today at Air Force Station Yelahanka. Among the unsung heroes, who have stayed far away from the limelight, the Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower team have played a silent, yet critical role.
With the number of participants at the flying display sharply increasing during every show, the role of the ATC has doubled and their responsibilities becoming more vital.
At AFS Yelahanka, the Flight Display Control cabin is positioned at a specially-erected cabin. A highly-qualified team from the Aircraft Systems & Testing Establishment (ASTE), one of the premier institutions of the Indian Air Force (IAF), keeps a hawk-like vigil on all proceedings.
According to Group Capt T K Singha, Chief PRO, Ministry of Defence (MoD), Kolkata, contrary to belief it is not the ATC controller who orchestrates the aerial choreography.
This report appeared on OneIndia on 22 Feb 2015. Full report here: http://bit.ly/1MJXbvp

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