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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Karnataka CM DVS Gowda seeks Kalam's intervention to end IS-ROW

D V S Gowda
A P J Abdul Kalam
By Anantha Krishnan M
Express News Service 
Bangalore: Karnataka Chief Minister D V Sadananda Gowda is seeking the intervention of former President A P J Abdul Kalam to douse the fire engulfing out of the Space war. Speaking to Express,  the CM said that he has asked a senior official in the government to draft a letter to be sent to Kalam. “It is very unfortunate to see what is happening in the Space sector. To me, it is a very sacrosanct filed which is making India thrive in the fields of communication, IT, agriculture and weather forecast. For a long time, I have been very keenly following all the developments in Space. But I am disappointed now,”  the CM said.
Hoping that his letter to Kalam will put and end to the current mess, Gowda said: “I don't want Bangalore's and Karnataka's name being drawn into any controversies. I hope Kalam Sir will bring both (Madhavan Nair & Radhakrishnan) to a discussion table and settle the row. As a politician I want to stay away from the current problem." 
The CM's decision to rope in Kalam comes after his attempt to get the attention of former Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) chairman K Kasturirangan. “I had contacted him too, but he being a former chairman, had his own reservations. I respect his decision as he is now engrossed in other activities in Delhi. I have always been touched by Kalam Sir's power to inspire people and hope he will take a stand and solve the matter,” the CM said.  
Kasturirangan, currently a member of Planning Commission looking after matters related to Science, Technology, Environment, Forest Wildlife and Agriculture, told Express from Delhi over phone that he will play a silent role at this juncture. “I have given my sweat and blood to ISRO for over 35 years and the last 10 years as its head. It is a very resilient organisation and must stay focused on its future missions. ISRO is very dear to my heart and as a human being, I will naturally have my emotions,” Kasturirangan said, not wanting to take any sides.
Kalam upset: The ongoing ISRO controversy seems to have upset Kalam. Sources say that the Missile Man, currently in Hyderabad, was completely disturbed to see the beating ISRO is getting from all quarters. “Space is  his pet subject and he shares very fond memories of ISRO. He is shocked by all the current developments,” sources said.
Kalam on the other hand is said to have made an attempt to meet Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to discuss the raging space row. “Prior appointments of the PM, Republic Day engagements clashed with Kalam's travel plans. Hence the meeting could not take place at short notice,” government sources  said.
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