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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Space Nair now gets backing from Aviation Nair!

C G K Nair, President SIATI
Madhavan Nair, ex-ISRO Chief
By Anantha Krishnan M & Byju Aryad

Express News Service

Bangalore/T'puram: Amidst the ongoing Space war unleashed by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Chairman K Radhakrishnan and his predecessor Madhavan Nair, another Nair has come out expressing his strong views.
On Monday, it was the turn of C G Krishnadas Nair, Honorary President of SIATI (Society of Indian Aerospace Technologies and Industries) to express shock over the penalization of Madhavan Nair, Sridhara Murthy and other ISRO stalwarts.
Speaking to Express, C G K Nair said it was very demoralizing to Indian scientific and technical community. “It is very sad if such decisions are taken without fair probe and a fair chance to the concerned scientists. In today's world can any one be punished without giving a proper hearing?” C G K Nair, who was also the former chairman of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, asked.
Reminding that India should not forget the contributions of Madhavan Nair and his team so fast, C G K Nair said the nation owes a lot to former ISRO chairman. “The growth of space science technology and associated applications in the last one decade has been substantial, thanks to Madhavan Nair's role. He is a house-hold name and a popular figure among schoolchildren. He got India a place of pride on the world map. That is why India honoured him with a Padma Vibhushan,” C G K Nair, who was also the MD of Kochi Airport, said.
He said from his long-stint in the field of aerospace and defence, no chairman alone will take decisions. “All corporate decisions are taken by the Board. All the Board members will have to share the responsibility. I am happy to hear the government will hear these scientists now, but it could have been fair and appropriate before imposing the ban,” C G K Nair, still a name to reckon with in Indian aerospace sector, said.
Admitting that the entire episode had brought  'a huge shame on India', C G K Nair hoped that the matter will be settled at the earliest. “He (Madhavan Nair) is an asset to the nation and we are not setting a decent precedent by treating him so shabbily,” he said.  
Chandy's comfort call:  While Madhavan Nair's support is growing by the day, Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy too backed the son of the soil. Madhavan Nair told Express that the CM had telephoned him on Monday and extended support that befits the case. “It was nice of him to have rang me up and stand by me during this hour of man-made crisis,” Madhavan Nair said.
But Chandy's comfort-call came after a slight faux paus he created on January 25, soon after the controversy erupted. His office requested all media houses in Kerala not to play up CM's comments on Madhavan Nair to avoid controversies. “"Nair is already giving valuable services on many matters of Kerala government. I expect that will continue the same. He is a prominent personality in the country and his services to the nation very important," the CM had said.
The CM's office said his initial comments were based purely on media queries soon after the cabinet meeting and it took some time for him to grasp the depth of the matter. Express has been informed by aides close to the CM that he is mulling over various options to bail out Madhavan Nair from the current mess.
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